The Kuutar Pullover

Pattern: Kuutar Pullover by Sari Nordlund

Size knit: 6

Cast on: January 15, 2022

Blocked and finished: February 3, 2022

Yarn: Berroco Vintage DK, colour Oats, 1,450 yards

Yarn weight: DK

After knitting the Avena sweater with Berroco Vintage yarn in worsted weight, I was sceptical about knitting the Kuutar pullover in a lighter gauge of the same yarn. The worsted is more like an aran weight and it was a bit heavy for the sweater. Long story short - the DK weight yarn is great! A true DK weight {at least in my mind} and great to knit. The pattern calls for US3 needles and the yarn knits up tight. While it's true to gauge the pattern calls for, it could be a bit looser. However, the garments I've knit so far turned out to be larger than expected so I pushed through my doubts with this one and stayed with the pattern and gauge. It fits well, maybe just didn't block quite as much as I wanted it to. That could be because I didn't block very aggressively, or maybe because the yarn is part acrylic? I suppose I could give it another try or just buy some Spanx 😂

The pattern is very well written and super pretty, I love the lace yoke! However, I will make a point of finding raglan style t-shirt and sweater patterns to knit because I think they just fit better. Thinking about the Calliope Sweater from Espace Tricot next... maybe. But first, I'm knitting the Pressed Flowers Shawl by Savoury Knitting, I've had the yarn for it for a while and I'm excited about it!

Knitting this pullover took me three weeks and I have to admit that knitting the body past the pattern yoke dragged on a bit. Forget about sleeve island, the body is a lot more monotone! I usually knit shorter sleeves than the pattern calls for and also a longer body, and that can drag on a bit. Maybe I'll also have to look for a sweater or cardigan that have a pattern throughout the body? Looking for patterns on Ravelry can get a bit frustrating because there is so much out there, so I usually look under the 'knitting inspiration' on Instagram, but there is still a lot. I know, first world problems. How lucky am I to get to agonize over knitting patterns?!