The Kuutar Tee

Pattern: Kuutar Tee by Sari Nordlund

Size knit: 7

Cast on: March 27, 2022

Blocked and finished: April 17, 2022

Yarn: Knitting For Olive CottonMerino, colours Elephant Blue and Dark Ocher

Yarn weight: light fingering held double - total of 2.432 yards used

I bought Knitting for Olive CottonMerino to knit the Frequency Sweater, and after being halfway through the yoke I decided I don't like how it's coming together. It was just not the right yarn for the pattern. The CottonMerino was exactly how you would expect 70% cotton and 30% merino to be, but it was just not what I wanted and light fingering is too light - despite the pattern calling for a 30 gauge over 4", which would be fingering range, the yarn specs are 28 stitches over 4" but on a US1/2 needle. Long story short - I did not like the drape of the single strand or how it knit up in colour work, so I decided to knit the Kuutar Tee instead, holding the yarn double.

I generally don't like knitting two strands of yarn together and it turned out to be a pain in the ass as expected, but I do like the finished fabric a lot, so I kept going once the yoke was done. A quick fit check confirmed that I was on the right track. 

Of course I didn't have enough yarn because now I was holding double (and I like to knit the body longer than the pattern calls for), so I ordered two more skeins and also made use of the two contrast colour skeins I had bought for the colour work of the Frequency sweater and knitted the bottom of the body marled.

I love the result! The drape is great, I know it will wear great in the summer, the fit and the length are exactly how I like it. And when I ordered the two additional skeins I also ordered some Sandnes Sunday yarn for the Frequency Sweater. Oops. Didn't need that if I look at my yarn stash, but the heart wants what the heart wants, right? I'll get on that right after I finish the Attune Shawl I just started.


Also - my husband would like to be part of this blog and I told him I would add that in and he wanted me to write that he's not doing well but that he's lucky to have me taking care of him. I want to add that he's getting really good at taking FO pictures for me, so I guess I will take care of him a while longer.